Gift certificate

Gift certificate

De Hvide Svaner Camping are a world in the world where your holiday dreams come true - and holiday memories are probably the best gift you can give!
Located directly at Karrebæk fjord with forest to one side and beautiful Karrebæksminde to the other. Here, De Hvide Svaner, offer the best and special atmosphere for your holiday.

So are you missing inspiration for a Christmas gift, birthday present, wedding gift or just a gift?
Then give a gift card to De Hvide Svaner Camping!



De hvide Svaner are camping holidays in every way. You can stay in your own caravan on our standard pitches. Or how about trying one of our large comfort places of at least 140 square meters with own water, electricity and drainage and a table and bench set with the most beautiful view of Karrebæk fjord? We also rent a cabin or a caravan to you. The choice is yours, and if you are in doubt, we would like to give you good advice.

The gift certificate for De Hvide Svaner can be used on / in:

  • Cabin stay
  • Rented caravan
  • Holiday stay in own tent / with own caravan
  • Svanemarked or Svanegrill
  • Restaurant De Hvide Svaner (The Inn)

The gift card must be ordered / purchased at the reception and you determine the amount.
Gift certificates cannot be exchanged for cash.

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