Should one of the holiday activities be fishing, there are several good fishing opportunities near De Hvide Svaner Camping.
And remember that we provide cleaning facilities, drying rooms for waders and freezing facilities.


  • At the Suså by the grill you can catch perch and rhinter. Everyone can fish here.

  • At Enø you can catch sea trout. You have to wear waders.

  • At Klinteby you can catch sea trout. You have to wear waders.

  • At the pier at karrebæksminde you can catch sesson garfish and herring. Everyone can fish here.

  • At the forest at Fjordgrillen left in the Y-junction, trout can be caught. Everyone can fish here.

  • Carp and pike can be caught in the lake at the recycling site. Everyone can fish here.


Put and take

  • Vesterled put and take gives you a lake of 20,000 m2 with depths of up to 8 meters. Here you can rent fishing rods.

  • Myrup fiskepark consists of 2 lakes. Of the two put & take lakes, there is a large lake of 10,000m2, where you can enjoy the many types of fishing including co, spin and fly fishing. The slightly smaller lake is 5,000m2 and is a fly and spinner lake.


You can also read/view South Coast Denmark's brochure about fishing spots in Næstved here.

Fishing trips

For the season, fishing trips can be arranged from Stigsnæs, where flatfish and cod can be caught. This is done in collaboration with
For further information, please contact the reception.

Fishing license

Remember, it is a legal requirement that you have a fishing license. You can obtain the fishing sign here.

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